The Unmastered Parent



Today. Honestly, I don’t like you. And I know that I should be appreciative but you’re kind of like that annoying hum of a fly that I can’t capture to quiet. Yeah, I’m well aware that you could be a wasp that stings me in the ass but the noise is maddening. I’m trying to find the precious moment of holding my daughter as she sleeps her first sickness away in my arms. But, all I feel is the heat trying to escape. There’s no point to dress or shower. She’s having a hard time holding things down. The boys aren’t fighting. That should bring much relief. But it’s not. They’re sick. Today, I’m not strong enough for you. I’m trying to put aside my own pain but each step becomes harder and weighed down with exhaustion as the time ticks. This is a juggling act that I still haven’t mastered. So, Today, I’m trying to understand the purpose of you. But, right now, I’m going to flip you off.

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