Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness Book Giveaway!

I am super excited that my Facebook page, MOTHERfluff, has reached over 500 fans!

AND … I am even more excited to launch a book giveaway of the book, Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness: Mom Stories from the Trenches.


Mom Bloggers Turn Mom Lit and Parent Humor Into an Anthology of “Momoir”!

I am extremely humbled and honor to be apart of this brilliant momoir! But, dad’s don’t you fret … this anthology is relatable for all parents because we all crave one thing … SLEEP!

Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness is a collection of “momoir” written by mom lit/parent humor bloggers who blog to keep their sanity. Momoir (thanks for that term, Michael Larsen of Larsen and Pomada!) is a mom lit/parent humor blog post combined with the elements of memoir, creative nonfiction, and the conversational style, immediacy, humor, and ranting of a mom blogger.

Ultimately, we mom bloggers are here to make you laugh, shed a tear or two, and feel connected to other moms who are going through the struggles of everyday life with children: a messy house, boredom, cabin fever, depression, guilt, anxiety, drinking, self-doubt, elation, joy, laughter, love, and happiness. And although we live in different parts of the world, in different houses (and we have different hair styles), we have one common thread: WE DON’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP! Welcome to our world, and yours!

If you would like to a chance to earn a free copy, please head to this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will end on May 29th! Entry is super easy! So, don’t miss out.



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  1. Amy

    Motherhood may cause drowsiness when you are constantly repeating yourself or saying things you never thought you would have to say until you had children.

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