Heroism Through The Heat of Hatred.

 The Zookeeper’s Wife, by Diane Ackerman.

This story is an unusual tale of history surrounding World War II and the internal suffering one woman took has she risked her families life and hers to save the ones who were told to no longer exists.

Diane Ackerman turns Antonia Zabinski’s true admissions of the life her family and she took against Nazism. In The Zookeeper’s Wife, the reader is transported back to an era of hatred and suffering. However, it’s secretly filled with love, honor, and heroisms.
Ackerman captured the soul of the hatred Nazi’s held by translating through words that are compelling and spell-bounding.
Antonia Zabinski’s life has a zookeeper’s wife was of luxury filled with comforts of freedom. But when her town was bombed, her zoo in shambles and her husband sent off to war, Antonia did the only thing that she could do. Survive. And to help others survive.

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