Moms: We Don’t Do It All

It doesn’t matter rather you are a stay-at-home mother, working mother, or a single mother. The truth is, we don’t do it all. I laugh inside when I hear women debate that as a working mother or a stay-at-home mother that they do it all. Parent. Work. Clean. Pay the bills. You name it. But wait […]

Simon Says, "Stop Touching Mommy."

Kids. They have no boundaries. They don’t respect the bubble.                                                    Stop. Touching. Me. Let me adore you from a distance, please. You’re cute but move. Get it? I am done being your personal trampoline and jungle gym for the day.

We’ll Walk This Line Together

In twenty-three days, I will be twenty-seven. I am reaching a point in my life that everything should be under control. I never imagined growing old. I imagined a life with children and a husband. But, I did not imagine the on set of worries that came along with this life. The times that I […]

They Are Not My Toy Soldiers

It’s quite odd how as an individual, I question myself, but not as a mother. There are days that I am completely and utterly annoyed with myself.  I haven’t finished college.  My weight, oh my weight. I don’t call my family and friendsas often as I should.  Did I show enough affection towards my husband […]

Brutal Moment of Honesty

Have you ever experienced one of those cruel moments that open your eyes? No? Yes? Okay, so I’m not alone. This happened not too shortly ago. As many of my readers know, my life is encased in this suffocating bubble known as depression and anxiety. The bubble increases with room to live and then shrivels up […]

When We Doubt Our Love

To my husband, It’s easy to forget the reasons why we feel in love when the chaos of the day preoccupies our mind. Our date nights are as common as the quietness in our home. The nights that both of our children do fall asleep on time and in sync, the night is are greeted with […]