The Unmastered Parent

  Today. Honestly, I don’t like you. And I know that I should be appreciative but you’re kind of like that annoying hum of a fly that I can’t capture to quiet. Yeah, I’m well aware that you could be a wasp that stings me in the ass but the noise is maddening. I’m trying […]

Hush, Hush Annoying One

Parenting a child who is vastly different from you is exhausting. The days of sitting outside for hours, listening to my thoughts are gone. The days of taking a bubble bath with the candles lit are no where to be found. The days of watching a movie in silence are in the past. The days […]

To Scream or Not To Scream?

I may or may not want to scream into a pillow. No. I take that back. I do want to scream into a pillow. Today, has been one of those days that my children can’t seem to function effectively without requesting something every two minutes. I really want a second alone. I really want space. […]